Strategic Solutions For Your Company

Creative Strategies For Corporate Law And Litigation

When a business matter calls for legal insight, it is important to trust an attorney who is deeply experienced. There may be complicated issues lurking beneath the surface of a dispute or transaction that deserve thorough attention.

At The Steckler Law Firm, you can depend on Mr. Steckler as your trial lawyer. He is a recognized Long Island litigator who focuses on solutions that serve his clients’ business objectives. Throughout his career, he has represented prominent corporations in New York. At his law firm, he is now able to blend that level of knowledge with personal attention for each client.

Identifying Solutions In Commercial Litigation

Mr. Steckler delivers creative strategies in cases involving:

  • Breach of contract claims
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Commercial real estate disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims
  • Intellectual property disputes

Business conflicts can quickly balloon into elaborate disputes. Mr. Steckler will prioritize your goals and interests – whether a settlement or litigation is most likely to support them. He takes a practical approach, finding opportunities that can preserve your bottom line and offer the most expedient resolution possible.

Wireless Telecommunications Law

As technology has developed, new laws and regulations have been created to answer the growing number of legal questions regarding media communication. For example, how can social media be monitored? Does digital advertising discriminate against certain parties with targeted ads? And how much information are technology companies legally allowed to know about their consumers?

If you have questions about telecommunications law may affect your business, or you’re involved in a legal dispute, contact The Steckler Law Firm. Mr. Steckler can provide knowledgeable assistance and guidance.

Future-Oriented Business Counsel

In addition, upcoming and longstanding businesses alike can turn to Mr. Steckler for counsel, including:

  • Business formation and incorporation
  • Contract formation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Commercial real estate transactions and leasing
  • Zoning and land use for business operations

His unique knowledge of municipal law and industry-specific concerns allows him to provide comprehensive guidance to business owners and executives. Clients rely on his perspective to prevent conflicts while effectively pursuing new prospects.

Seek Tailored Advice And Representation

A customized strategy can minimize risks and place your goals within reach. Call 917-920-4187 or send an email to schedule a consultation with Mr. Steckler. He can review the details of your business and craft a thorough plan.